BioPicMatthew J. Beier is a novelist, publisher, photographer, and screenwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since as far back as he can remember, he has been fascinated with visual art and storytelling, especially when they go hand in hand. Born in Duluth, Minnesota, he fostered a knack for these art forms at a very young age—whether by painting with watercolors to manage his emotions or by drawing pictures to convey the stories in his head (and sometimes writing their narrations with the help of his mother).

After learning to read in first grade, Matthew lost himself in the worlds of The Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown, My Teacher Is An Alien, Goosebumps, and every other epic, adventurous, or mysterious story he could get his hands on. When he was nine years old, the film adaptation of Micheal Crichton’s Jurassic Park (and, subsequently, the novel itself) changed his life forever. After seeing the film and reading the book the following year, Matthew developed a passion for storytelling that branched in two directions: writing and movie making. He started making dramatized home movies with his siblings and friends at age twelve, when his parents were finally able to buy a Sony Handycam; during other spare moments, he began writing fiction, dreaming that he might someday be able to string enough words together to make a novel.

These interests influenced Matthew’s study of photography and writing in high school and led him in 2003 to Chapman University’s School of Film and Television (now Dodge College of Film and Media Arts) in Orange, California. There, he spent three semesters studying screenwriting, film production, and English before spending a final semester abroad at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, where he studied popular media and art history.

In 2012, Matthew published his first novel, The Breeders, and in 2014, he published the first in his seven-book Jonathan Flite series, The Confessions of Jonathan Flite. He published the second in the series, The Release of Jonathan Flite, in 2016. He is currently working on the third, The Rise of Jonathan Flite, and two screenplays. Matthew has also been published in Publishers Weekly and The Advocate and on multiple blogs.